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Past Dissertations

Congratulations to APCE graduates!

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  • Name Dissertation

    Chung, HeeJae

    Chung, H. (2022). Business English for International Working Professionals: A Virtual Training Focusing on Intercultural Communication Skills 

    Henry, Nicholas Richard

    Henry, N. R. (2022). Organ Donor's Narratives: Transformative Learning During the Organ Donation Consent Process

    Villarreal, Felix

    Villarreal, F. (2022). The Experience of Biology Instructors at Community College with the Inverted Classroom: A Phenomenology Study

    Thornton, Kimberly A.

    Thornton, K. A. (2022). Black American Family Life Histories: An Ethnographic Study


  • Name Dissertation

    Cantu, Raul

    Cantu, R. (2021). In Search of Hope in Lantinx Tenure Track and Tenured Faculty in Higher Education

    De La Rosa, Yvonne

    De La Rosa, Yvonne. (2021). Ahora Puedo Respirar Now I Can Breathe

    Peña, Cindy

    Peña, C. (2021). Nuestras Experiencias, Our Experiences Testimonios of Mexicanas in the US 


  • Name Dissertation

    Mader, Rey Lopez

    Mader, R. L. (2021). Culture Learning in Community: Burmese Refugees and the Meaning of Home 

    Harvey, Malikah P.

    Harvey, M. P. (2021). Boots2Suits: African American Males Transitioning from the Military into the Civilian Private Sector Workplace


  • Name Dissertation

    Nanry, Christian Austin 

    Nanry, C. A. (2021). Relationship of Higher Education and Law Enforcement Performance.


  • Name Dissertation

    Davis, Brittany

    Davis, B. (2020). "A Second Home:" Peer Mentor Circles for International Graduate Students to Ease Transitions and Foster Sense of Belonging

    Riggs, Rosemary

    Riggs, R. (2020). Teachers as Researchers: A Quantitative Study of a Research-focused Professional Development Program on Teacher Professional Agency

    Sullivan, Sierra

    Sullivan, S. (2020). For this we will Defend: Military Connected Competency Training and Faculty Experiences Teaching Student Veterans 


  • Name Dissertation

    Fuggs, Reba

    Fuggs R. (2020). Faculty Perceptions: Diversity and Justice Education in the University Classroom

    Carter, Jill

    Carter, J. (2020). Tesol Instructors’ Perceptions and Praxis Teaching Adult Emergent Readers

    Elliot, Kerry

    Elliot, K. (2020). Relationship of Institutional Support to Online Graduate Learning

    Dong, Thymai

    Dong, T. (2020). Mutual Vulnerability: Deepening Human Interconnectedness in Cross-Racial Relationships

    Salazar, Angelina Lapina

    Salazar, A. L. (2019). Does Exposure to Problem-Based Learning Strategies Increase Postformal Thought and Need for Cognition in Higher Education Students? A Quasi-Experimental Study


  • Name Dissertation

    Rodriguez, Brenda

    Rodriguez, B. (2020). Leadership and Advancement in Higher Education: A Multiple Case Study of Pioneering Latina Presidents at a 4-Year Public Institutions

    Fitzpatrick, Dana

    Fitzpatrick, D. (2020). Namaste in Teaching: How Yoga Practice Effects Novice Teacher Resilience

    Quintero, Jessica

    Quintero J. (2020). I Think I Can; I Know I Can: Self-Efficacy as an Indicator of Learner Self-Satisfaction With the Learning Experience in an Online Master of Social Work Program


  • Name Dissertation

    Tyner, Jonathan

    Tyner, J, (2019). The Decision-Making Process: Experiences of New International Graduate Students Enrolled in the US Higher Education

    Guevara, Yolanda Reyes

    Guevara, Y. R. (2019). Understanding Persistence of the Latino/a Adult Student at the Community College


  • Name Dissertation

    Collins, Kevin

    Collins, K. (2019). Living with and Learning About Asthma on the College Campus

    Myers, Danette

    Myers, D. (2019). Narratives of Black Older Women Communicating with Healthcare Professionals

    Kamisli, Merih Ugurel

    Kamisli, M. U. (2019). Acculturation Experiences of Syrian Muslim Refugee Women in the U.S.: Intersectionality of Nationality, Religion, Gender, and Refugee Status


  • Name Dissertation

    Crooks, William 

    Crooks, W. (2019). Narratives of Refugee Resettlement Workers: The Impact of Recent Policy Changes on Refugee Resettlement

    Reyes, Norma

    Reyes, N. (2019). The Life Stories and Career Development of Executive Latinas in Higher Education

    Perry, Daniel

    Perry, D. (2019) Assessing the Influence of Community College Course Selection Pathways on Transfer Student Perspectives: A Model for Comparative Evaluation

    Cleveland, James

    Cleveland, J. (2019) From Combat to Caregiver

    McClain, Terrance

    McClain, T. (2019) Advising African-American Males: From the Advisor’s Perspective


  • Name Dissertation

    Lowney, John

    Lowney, J. (2018). Illuminating the Faculty and Staff of Color Voice Through Their Lived Experiences: Contextualizing Mentoring & Resilience


  • Name Dissertation
    Mora, Sherri L. Mora, S. L. (2018). A Structural analysis of Texas law and policy processes relating to college and career readiness with emphasis on Hispanics. 


  • Name Dissertation
    Boakye, Owusu Boakye, O. A. (2018). Ghanaian female STEM lecturers and professors transcending barriers: The kitchen is no longer our place. 
    Hendrix, Natalie Hendrix, N. (2018). Fluffy women of color: Examining the identities of plus size latina and African American women through a lens of intersectionality.
    Ingwersen, Peter Ingwersen, P. T. (2018). Synergistic supervision strategies of mid-level professionals in student affairs.
    Terrell, Vanessa Terrell, V. L. (2018). Dialogue and difference: Facilitating difficult dialogues in the adult learning environment.
    Uphoff, Sarah Uphoff, S. J. (2018). Penning possibilities: Narratives of poets' personal and community learning experiences practicing spoken word.
    Walkes, Skyller Walkes, S. D. (2018). Activism through art in an Afro-Cuban community: Centering voices at the intersections.


  • Name Dissertation
    Anumudu, Chinedu Anumudu, C. (2017). Embodied learning as a tool for meaning-making: A forum theatre training.
    Gamez, Blanca Gamez, B. U. (2017). The lived experiences of the Latinx mentor and the role of community cultural wealth.
    Johnson, Josyln Johnson, J. (2017). When purpose calls: A grounded study on the lifewide learning experiences of high potential young adults. 
    Jones, S. Reñee

    Jones, S. R. (2017). Creating our own stories and trusting our own voices: Midlife, black, female doctoral students navigating the crossroads of age, race, and gender. 


  • Name Dissertation Title
    Spencer, Bobbie Spencer, B. (2017). Study abroad's impact on professional architectural practice.
    Livingston, Judith Livingston, J. (2017). Career transitions in the third age: A study of women pediatricians. 
    Delgado, Perla Delgado, P. G. (2017). Narratives of community educators fostering adult education and community development.
    Carey, Sharlotte Carey, S. F. (2017). The meaning of reflective teaching to national board certified teachers.
    Adversario, Jan Adversario, J. (2017). Immigrant experiences of occupational downgrading: Their stories in light of possible selves theory. 


  • Name Dissertation
    Holcomb, Michelle Holcom, M. (2017). Hurricane Ike and my mother: How loss of extended self contributed to identity development. 
    Gonzales, Jose Gonzáles, J. M. (2017). A narrative exploratory study of migrant farm workers: A multi case study of four educational achievers.


  • Name Dissertations
    Hernandez, Regina Hernandez, R. (2016). Teaching and learning technology and new media in a community-based program: Adult educators and older learners' experiences. 


  • Name Dissertation Title
    Martin, Moira Martin, M. C. (2016). Compassion in crisis: An interpretative phenomenological analysis of flood survivors and first responders.
  • Name Dissertation
    Robarts, Dawn Robarts, D. (2016). Early identification of the non-directed kidney donor: Are there personal characteristics of college students that can predict their willingness to consider non-directed kidney donation?
    Reneau, Clint-Michael Reneau, C. (2016). My brother's keeper: Queering masculinities in higher education dissertation.
    Breslow, Kenneth Breslow, K. (2016). Narratives of Directors of Disability Services:  Forms of Social Capital in Practice.
  • Name Dissertation Title
    Murray, Kayon Murray-Johnson, K. (2015). Toward a construct of balance: Graduate education faculty and the navigation of difficult dialogues on race. 
    Moreno, Jose Luis Moreno, J. L. (2015). Anatomy of the story: Narratives of mortuary science learners and graduates. 
    Garcia, Naomi Garcia, N. (2015). Erlebnis- a phenomenological study of the stream of experience and ideation of three adult educators living and working in Turkey. 


  • Name Dissertation Title
    Woodson, Beverly Day, B. W. (2015). The persistence of black males in the STEM fields at Texas State University.
    Valverde, Cristina Valverde-Poenie, T. C. (2015). How science without borders students perceive internationalization strategies in practice at a U.S. university: A phenomenographic study.
    Page, Taneisha Page, T. R. (2015). Career preparation: A comparison of university athletes to non-athletes.
    Morton, Vincent Morton, V. E. (2015). Black males in higher education: Communities of color.


  • Name Dissertation Title
    Taylor, Lynn Taylor, L. (2015). Organizational downsizing and the aftermath: Survivors' perceptions of the impact on organizational commitment and personal professional development in the context of schools.
    Redwine, Gerry (Gerald) Redwine, G. D. (2015). Type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM) in an African-American subculture: Grounded theory of Afro-Theistic faith, knowledge, and Afro-Theistic social constructs. 
    Kirkpatrick, Lisa Kirkpatrick, L. L. (2015). Elders in assisted living: Excavating hospitality from within. 
    Jimenez, Benjamin Jimenez, B. A. (2015). A phenomenological study of adult learners' experiences with the portfolio form of prior learning assessment.
    Gibbs, David Gibbs, D. L. (2015). Constructing requirements: A qualitative study of challenges encountered during requirements elicitation for information systems.
    Drake, Jerry Drake, J. C. (2015). Treasure houses of the mind public places as teachers of history.
    Sehin, Oleksandra Sehin, O. (2015). Evaluating internationalization efforts in select award-winning institutions of higher education: Where are the international graduate students? 


  • Name Dissertation
    Bley, Celina Bley, C. (2014). Public pedagogy in public schools: The journey to creating a welcoming environment for parents to support involvement and student learning
    Varela, Lucio Varela, L. (2014). The impact of internalized racial oppression in the lives of nine American men of Mexican ancestry.
  • Name Dissertation
    Beck, Brandon Beck, B. L. (2014). Trans/forming educational leadership: Retrospectives of transgender persons as public intellectuals in school contexts.
    Russian, Christopher Russian, C. J. (2014). A qualitative study to determine perceptions of neonatal and pediatric clinical education in an allied health profession.
    Serrano, Arlene F.  Serrano, A. F. (2014). Financial literacy instructors working in community-based programs: Their narratives and efforts interrupting the status quo. 
  • Name Dissertation Title
    Vasquez, Daniel Vasquez, D. S. (2014). The historical evolution of Texas State University through the eyes of three Latino males.
    Tull, Candace Tull, C. M. (2014). An experiment in facilitating creative thinking in second degree accelerated nursing students
    Maston, Alexis Maston, A. C. (2014). Spiritualizing hip hop with I.C.E.: The poetic spiritual narratives of four black educational leaders from hip hop communities.
    Alston, Geleana Alston, G. D. (2014). Cross-cultural mentoring relationships in higher education: A feminist grounded theory study.
    Gadsen-Ross, Helen

    Gadsen-Ross, H. (2014) Knowledge deficits in manufacturing and their effects on new employees. 

  • Name Dissertation
    Moon, Michael Moon, M. D. (2013). Influences of the emergency nursing professional association on the socialization of emerging emergency nurses.
    Jones, Philip Jones, P. R. (2013). Community college nontraditional African American students and their journey to college level writing: Voices from the first semester freshman English composition classroom.
    Dale, Randy Dale, R. E. (2013). The continuing education of senior adults: An examination and analysis of programming for the successful aging of senior adults in Baptist church recreation ministries. 
  • Name Dissertation
    White, Anthony White, A. L. (2013). Mentoring experiences of undergraduate black males: A case study of their journeys, access, and participation.
    Van Aacken, Carl Van Aacken, C. J. (2013). The role of emotions in an adult C setting: A focus on community college instruction.
    Newman, Beverly Newman, B. C. (2013). A critical quest: Confirming physical therapists' attitudes and knowledge toward evidence-based practice. 
    Ly, Monirith Ly, M. (2013). Moral meanings of community service learning at Paññāsastra University of Cambodia. 
    Aleman, Jason Aleman, J. (2013). PAPI: Understanding the Tejano father hybrid identity within the Mexican American family, community, and school experience through a postcolonial lens.