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The APCE program’s cohort model has aided me in connecting with other adult educators across a wide array of fields and disciplines outside of my own. I am highly appreciative of the unique experiences that we can share with one another to further our understanding of the essential theories and concepts presented in our coursework. Being in the APCE program has provided a universal language that both introduces new highly applicable concepts to my practice and an affirmation of what I see in my daily work as an adult educator and learner. I am thankful that we are blessed with a highly regarded faculty that encourage us to explore and grow within this important field.
- Noel Fuller, Cohort 21

The APCE program has provided me the tools to define who I am as a leader, an educator, and mentor. The APCE program has prepared me to not only address the task at hand, but to anticipate and prepare for what’s next. The APCE faculty provide the right balance between providing guidance and challenging you to grow as an APCE professional. I find myself being more reflective rather than reactive, as I consider others’ perspectives. This extends beyond my work into my personal life. I am forever changed, in unexpected and wonderful ways. I am a better “me” because of my experiences in the APCE program.
- Rosemary Riggs, Cohort 17

Late in my 50s and already an adult educator for the better part of a decade, I made the decision to pursue my doctoral degree. What I take away from my participation in the Texas State University APCE program is immense. I expected exceptionally progressive curriculum taught by adult education thought leaders and was not disappointed. What I did not expect was the personal growth and informal learning via interactions with fellow cohort members, each very different and yet alike in some ways to myself. For me, the experience has been expansive on an intellectual level, but more importantly, transformational on a deeply emotional and personal level. The opportunity was truly life-changing.
- Peg Richmond, Cohort 18

Choosing to pursue a doctorate in Adult, Professional, and Community Education was the absolute best decision I made because I was exposed to so much meaningful information about what it means to be a lifelong, life wide, and life deep learner. By way of thought-provoking classes, exposure to eye-opening articles, introduction to adult learning theorists who I continue to research and model, and ongoing support from the program faculty, I am most definitely not the same person I was before. I have been transformed in all the ways possible with a greater and more heightened motivation and desire to be a change champion for social change.
- Thymai Dong, Cohort 16

Being a doctoral student in the APCE program at Texas State has bolstered my understanding of research and the role of adult educators. Under the skilled tutelage of faculty and access to other resources such as other APCE cohorts, the Graduate School, and the Alkek Library, I have thrived as a student and discovered that I am not alone in my educational journey. APCE is not just home to an unrivaled community of learners; it is a program that continues to empower me through challenging, rewarding, and engaging educational experiences.
- Esther Smith Pippins, Cohort 19

Knowledge gleaned from my time in the APCE program has been instrumental in my career as I am now able to use my expertise in adult learning to improve processes and workflows in the online MBA program at Baylor. The faculty support in APCE helped me increase my confidence by supporting conference presentations and publications. After graduation, I still reach out to my chair for advice and mentorship. I have benefited from the APCE program by broadening my perspectives, growing as a scholar, and now leading as an educator.
- Brittany Hyden, Cohort 17

I am honored to be a part of the APCE PhD Program in Cohort 2020. The instructors are experienced professionals and experts in the field of Adult Education, but also approachable, engaging, and supportive. Our cohort members are smart and diverse, and the coursework is engaging and immediately applicable to our careers as educators in a variety of fields. Texas State University is inclusive and welcoming. Anytime I have needed assistance from tech support or the library, they are quick to help.
- Rocky Osborn, Cohort 20

The APCE program has been a rewarding and valuable experience that has helped me grow professionally and academically. The professors in the APCE program create a sense of community that is unlike the typical graduate program. Through my encouraging cohort members, resources at Texas State, and the diverse courses that are offered, I am thankful I've been able to experience this program.
- Lauren Chaney, Cohort 18

The APCE Program at Texas State has given me the tools to be a better listener and communicator in the workplace. The program has allowed me the freedom to apply my communities of practice and knowledge to adult education. The faculty within the APCE program are willing to partner with students to advance adult education in multiple academic areas.
- Paul English, Cohort 19