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Future Potential Professional Positions

  • Director of continuing education/community education in university or community college
  • Administrator of community education program
  • University faculty (e.g. in adult & continuing education, community education, human resource development, adult literacy, higher education)
  • Director of continuing professional education program
  • Educator and Administrator in adult ESL/adult basic education/GED/adult literacy programs
  • Distance learning administrator or specialist
  • Educator in the health professions (continuing professional ed, patient education, staff development)
  • Director of human resource development
  • Human resource developer in business and industry, schools, government, non-profit sector



Search Engine: Job(s) openings for APCE students and graduates


Coalition on Adult Basic Education (COABE) Employment Bulletin Board: 

The Coalition on Adult Basic Education is organized to advance national and international adult education and literacy opportunities for all persons. The COABE employment bulletin board focuses on promoting leadership opportunities  (director and/or managerial level) available in the field of adult education & literacy programs, including Adult Basic Education, Adult Secondary Education, English for Speakers of Other Languages, Family Literacy, Skills Development, Workforce Development, and other state, federal, and private programs. 


Association for Continuing Higher Education (ACHE) Job Listings: 

With its mission to promote lifelong learning and excellence in continuing higher education, the ACHE provides up-to-date employment availability in higher education settings. The ACHE job listing includes a wide range of education professions, from an education specialist, to part-time/full-time faculty positions,  to director and dean positions in adult/higher education programs. 


Higher Ed Jobs (Adult, Continuing and Distance Education): 

Faculty Positions 

Administrative Positions

The HigherEd Jobs search engine filters career opportunities in higher education by category, locations, school, and types of jobs (online/full-time/part-time). The links associated here specifically provide lists of faculty and administrative positions in adult, continuing and distance programs. 


Literacy Coalition of Central Texas Career and Service Opportunities: 

The Literacy Coalition's mission is to improve the quality and increase the availability of literacy services for Central Texans. For those interested in building stronger communities, the Literacy Coalition offers career and service opportunities in the Texas area. 


LERN Member Job Openings: 

According to the network website, The Learning Resources Network (LERN) is the world’s largest association in continuing education and lifelong learning, serving a wide variety of institutions, including state universities, four-year colleges, colleges within universities, private colleges, community colleges, technical colleges, public schools, recreation departments, and associations. LERN Member Job Openings page offers a list of job postings from LERN Member organizations.


Zip Recruiter: Adult Education Jobs: 

Specifically filtered for those holding a Master's degree and above in adult education, the Zip Recruiter page presents job openings in a diverse range of fields from all over the country. 


Diplomatic Language Services (DLS) Careers: 

Diplomatic Language Services (DLS), based in Virginia, specializes in the provision of language and cultural training and related language services to US government and commercial clients. DLS offers a variety of opportunities that span a range of expertise, including translation, interpretation, cross-culture awareness training, curriculum development, distance learning development, linguistics, business development, and project management. 


International Development Jobs and Consulting Opportunities 

DevNetJobs is a network that offers a list of international recruitment postings in the profession of International Development, Non-Profit/NGOs, Health, Aid, Environmental Jobs, and Consultancies. 

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